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Frictionless Innkeeper Podcast

May 16, 2022

The B&B Team provides real estate brokerage and consulting services in the lodging arena, and has its finger on the pulse of where the industry is headed.

Eben Viens, the Owner of The B&B Team, works with a wide range of property owners and prospective innkeepers, and sees many younger buyers entering the market. Taking a page from boutique hotels, these property owners are challenging the status quo by selling experiences and creating memories – all great ideas to implement at any property.

We are very thankful to Eben for sharing his insights with us. You can learn more about The B&B Team at

Our podcast is presented by the Frictionless Guest App, a mobile app that lodging professionals provide to their guests so they can recommend unique local places to eat, play and shop during their stay, allow guests to order their offerings, and communicate with guests through text messaging. To learn more, visit