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Frictionless Innkeeper Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

In many ways, success in life comes down to following your passions, and working hard to turn that passion into a viable livelihood. For Wild Man Dan Tatarka and his wife, Terri Tatarka, the owners/innkeepres of WildManDan’s Beercentric Bed and Breakfast, success comes from their passion for beer and being around great people.

After having careers in both fiber optical engineering and hospitality, Master Brewer Wild Man Dan and Terri decided to launch a unique beercentric B&B in 2015 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where they could offer specialized beer and accommodations for guests.

As a result of this focus on their passions, WildManDan’s Beercentric Bed and Breakfast, has been named the “Best of Blue Ridge,” has a 50 percent re-booking rate, and has received enthusiastic press coverage from beer-oriented media outlets.

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