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Frictionless Innkeeper Podcast

Jun 7, 2019

The Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP) is a nonprofit organization that represents, supports, educates, and advocates for independent hospitality professionals to enhance their personal satisfaction and business success. Founded in 2015, AIHP has seen phenomenal growth over the last four years with Rob Fulton as its CEO and continues to gain traction as a key voice for independent lodging.

In 2018, the organization issued its in-depth “B&B’s UNBOUND – The State of B&B’s in the U.S.” study, which focuses on how independent hoteliers and B&Bs fit into the larger travel industry. In the face of the impact of OTAs and short-term rentals, the study found that the sector is actually growing overall, despite these disruptive trends.

In late March of this year, AIHP held its highly successful 2019 Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace in Cincinnati. With events like this, a forward-thinking belief that technology and innovation is essential for helping innkeepers enhance the guest experience, and its commitment to educate its members, the organization is positioned to continue playing a key role in representing the independent hospitality sector for many years to come.

In this podcast, Rob shares insights into the mission of AIHP, its annual 2019 Summit, and key sector trends.

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